Arn't I A Woman?: The Occurrence at American Idol



Oct 5, 2012

The Occurrence at American Idol

        In the past few days, tensions have erupted on the American Idol set between new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Rumors had been swirling since before there was even an official announcement of Minaj becoming a judge that the two were feuding. I didn't want to buy into it, I thought it was just the media creating this. Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj just proved me wrong. 

                                    Great move for female to female relationships Nicki. 

 For those who don’t know, one judge is the greatest selling female artist of all time, the other is a shock artist. One relies almost exclusively on her talent, hard work, and perseverance, while the other relies on pop hooks that will probably be irrelevant in two years, and outlandishness, the performance of it all. Now, here’s my problem: I don’t have a problem with either of these. 

Please Frame the Argument Thoughtfully  

     I think first it’s important before going any further to not create the dialogue around pitting a female against another female. It doesn’t have to be like that. We can respect both women’s crafts. I think it’s immature to immediately start belittling one artist and deifying the other because that isn't an intelligent way to handle conflict. 

This is coming from me, the BIGGEST MARIAH CAREY FAN in the world. I HAVE A MARIAH CAREY TATTOO.
From song 'Petals'

      I just want to frame my article with that thought because you just have to be careful with stuff like that. It’s harmful to just say Nicki Minaj is a crazy bitch and Mariah Carey is a perfect angel because it imparts on younger women that two females cannot have some form of healthy conflict. That it's always just seen as two females “cat fighting” or some shit. You know, we have to figure out a way to understand the dynamics of women better. Feminism isn’t about saying that women will always love each other no matter what. You can’t deny conflict, it's about how you choose to handle the conflict that makes a difference. I also don’t want to say that Nicki Minaj is just some chick that beefs with any other successful female entertainer, because I actually thought she handled the Lil Kim feud in a respectful manner.

The Beef

    So it’s almost really frustrating for me to sit here and say what I really want about the ignorance of Nicki Minaj coming at Mariah Carey like she has. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, here is the now infamous video of the occurrence between the two artists:

    Yikes. Mariah Carey is kind of just sitting there like 'what the fuck is going on', because she is a baller. Mariah Carey is badass and has become known as 'the queen of shade', honestly because she is smart in her criticisms and dislike of others. (And kinda funny too.) 

She understands how to handle conflict. She also has more number one singles than any female ever so maybe you SHOULD have just a little respect for the woman who is on a show to mentor other singers via her own experience which after fucking 22 years, she knows more than you Nicki. Fact. If you feel disrespected which I think were some of the claims she had, (something about being called a bitch-unconfirmed- when isn’t that a word she uses pretty prolifically?) then you should “handle it” (like you told others to do in your rant) probably more like an adult than a five year old child. It makes you look like your ego has officially become Any Rayn-dized and you don’t give a fuck about anyone but you and your pink wig. Like, chill for a second. 

      Is Nicki Minaj basing her personality on this? 

Who Is Right vs. Who 'Wins'

     I like Nicki Minaj! I like her personas and general wackiness and shit. I like that I do believe she has added dimension to what the general public sees as feminine. But dude, you are NOT the shit. You do not have it like that, and what a horrible message to send out that once you get a tiny bit of fame and a couple of marginally successful songs you can say shit to a woman who has really honestly, paved the way for you. 

Mariah Carey is one of the classiest women in the entertainment industry. I think what’s beautiful about her is she isn’t afraid to speak her mind or disagree with others, but she is thoughtful about it and handles it like an adult. She takes jabs appropriately... 

Public Death Threats= Great Idea! 

    ...She doesn’t THREATEN TO SHOOT PEOPLE. (Mariah tells Barbara Walters Nicki Threatened to Shoot her). I mean you have serious anger issues if as a grown ass women you are threatening to KILL SOMEONE because of a disagreement on a fucking musical reality show. DUDE. I’m scared Nicki Minaj is buying into a delusion of herself she has created and it doesn’t seem like anyone on her team is saying hey girl, maybe don’t do that? You look like a fool?  I think Nicki Minaj is trying to pull this "I'm a badass because I am standing up for myself" shit....I think she really thinks that's what she is doing. By shouting and flailing her arms. And death threats. Don't forget the death threats.

                                     Nicki Minaj's brain. Missing segment: Death Threats= Respect!

You know so Nicki Minaj flips her shit, starts talking about guns like she’s some gangster which yeah is totallllllly your image (you’re a POP STAR!!!!) and then goes on twitter to continue putting MC on blast. That’s like when you were 15 on Myspace and you moved your friend down spots on your top 8 because they made you mad. Come on. Sit the fuck down because no one gives a shit what you have to say about this. 

                                                           Case: Closed. 

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