Arn't I A Woman?: "Very few moments matter in life"



Feb 16, 2012

"Very few moments matter in life"

This quote resonated with me when I heard it recently. At first I thought, that's totally true; not many "big moments" exist in someone's life. The ones where, in a split second, everything's changed. Sometimes maybe you don't even know they are those moments until years after they have happened. But you only have a few of them. I'm gonna go ahead and take a break here and just say that I am listening to all the best Whitney Houston songs right now and her death is still very fresh and I may be feeling a little crazy and not able to turn my thoughts into anything but written gibberish.

Actually Whitney Houston can probably just be tied into exactly what I'm talking about. Here's the second part of my thoughts on how frequently important moments happen in life. While I have had a few "big" moments, many things that have shaped the direction I have taken in life have been because of the sum of many "small" moments. Moments that, isolated, may be insignificant. And damn Whitney is bringing it home right now on my speakers. 

...Ok so let me try and tie Whitney into this. The big moment is, of course, Whitney's death. But the little moments are what led her up to her demise. Much speculation leads to a history of drug addiction. I would venture to guess mental illness as well. I believe alcoholism and drug addiction are often the results of some greater symptom- depression, anxiety, etc. 

So which are the moments that matter? 
I liked the idea of having these huge, epic moments in life a) because I am a super dramatic person and like to pretend life is some epic soap opera, and b) because maybe it would let me relax a little bit in my daily life. Instead of worrying all the time, like everything is some huge decision or situation, I could just be still. And enjoy things a bit more. 

But then I feel like if you discount all those seemingly inconsequential moments, it doesn't leave much room for accountability. 

Perhaps sequential small moments are what change things, and the big moments are the sum of each sequence of small moments. In a sequence of small moments Whitney Houston perhaps could have addressed an addiction or illness she was facing more adequately, and as a result, there would be no big moment of her death. Maybe she would have had some huge comeback ala Mariah Carey and lived 50 more years. 

I guess the point is, maybe every moment matters, and maybe none of them do. You could probably look at it a thousand different ways, and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. 

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